Executive Summary

After I received my Ph D in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University, I served as CTO of GameWisp, Inc. from 2012 to 2018.

At GameWisp I grew the software team from zero to ten individuals. Additionally, I led the technical design of GameWisp's products and shipped production-quality code on a daily basis. I assisted in growing GameWisp from $0 to $4M ARR, gaining hundreds of thousands active users, and shipping numerous successful products and features.

In 2018 I joined Codecov, a SaaS code coverage solution, as its CTO. While at Codecov I have scaled the techincal team, facilitated large amounts of revenue growth, and helped turn Codecov into a world class, industry leading developer tool and software product used by over a million software developers worldwide.



2018 - Present
Codecov; Remote

I oversaw all technical operations at Codecov, including engineering, technical support, solutions engineering, and product.

While at Codecov I:

  • Helped scale our team from 3 to 15+ employees and contractors.
  • Worked alongside our Vice President of Engineering to shape Codecov's engineering processes and best practices.
  • Directly led and the solutions engineering, technical support, and product teams.
  • Served as the technical point of contact for stakeholders from many of the world's largest companies.
  • Worked directly with Codecov's CEO to set product roadmap and long-term technical direction.

CTO / Co-Founder

2012 - 2018
GameWisp, Inc.; Nashville, TN

I was directly responsible for GameWisp's technology and product strategy; overseeing the design and development of core software products for our main customer: gaming livestreamers and content creators.

GameWisp's core technology was acquired by Lightstream in 2019.

While at GameWisp I:

  • Grew a diverse team from 1 to 10 employees and contractors.
  • Shipped products that resulted in over $4M in Annual Recurring Revenue.
  • Designed and developed performant and cost-effective video upload, encoding, and delivery systems utilized by thousands of active users.
  • Developed production quality REST and WebSocket APIs used by hundreds of third-party developers.
  • Routinely developed user-facing features and shipped production-ready code.
  • Sat GameWisp's board and assisted with the overall strategic direction of the company.

Research Assistant

2009 - 2014
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN

I received my Ph D in 2014 from Vanderbilt Univeristy, studying human-computer interaction and human-robot interaction under Professor Julie A. Adams. My research investigated navigating and wayfinding using digital maps, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

While at Vanderbilt University I:

  • Developed design prototypes for academic research using C++/Qt, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.
  • Performed statistical analysis on real-world user interaction data using R.
  • Independently designed, sourced, assembled, and flight tested unmanned aerial vehicles and balloons for archaeological field use in South America.
  • Supported archaeological survey teams in remote areas of Peru by providing on-site hardware and software development.


I was directly responsible for development on many projects while at GameWisp. Relevant examples include:

Subscriptions - A fan monetization and rewards platform for live-streamers and video content creators. GameWisp's in-house subscription technology was acquired by Lightstream in 2019.
Video Platform (video link) - Robust video functionality that allowed content creators to easily upload, distribute, and schedule premium video content. Also provided windowed viewing functionality and automatic pushing to YouTube.
Singularity APIs (docs link) - A WebSocket and REST enabled API that allowed third party developers to interact with the GameWisp Subscriptions platform. Actively used by hundreds of developers.
Socialite Providers - Contributed single sign on for Mixer and GameWisp to Laravel's Socialite package.
Fusion (closed source) - An ''OAuth of OAuths'' single sign-on platform used to provide global identity functionality across all GameWisp products using third-party social sign on (e.g., Twitch, Google, Mixer).
Pulsar (closed source) - A parallelized worker system utilized by all GameWisp products to perform offline functions, such as email sending and image processing.

Skills & Proficiency

Product Development

Management & Strategy

PHP & Laravel 5

Docker & DevOps

AWS, GCP, & Azure



Javascript, HTML, SASS